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Free Peter Navarro!

Before he joined the Trump administration, economist Peter Navarro of the University of California, Irvine was one of the sources for my articles on the economy. At age 72, he just was arrested and put in leg irons for refusing to cooperate with the Show Trial known as the Jan. 6 Committee….


The Talkies: One-offs

Four of these movies are genuine anomalies for their makers. The fifth is the best film by a very famous and successful director-writer whose other movies—and I’ve seen nearly all of them—reliably disappoint me. 


The Great Revolution: III: Equality, Part A

As a virtue expressed in Aristotelian terms, it is the mean between the character that invests everything into the distinction between me-and-mine and everything else and the character that rejects all distinction.  In Jacobin terms, however, liberty, equality, and fraternity represent either or both of these three baneful extremes.