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Trump Summit: Why He Picked Singapore; and Driving Fake News Insane

I don’t think anyone else spotted why President Trump picked Singapore for his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Any number of places could have been picked, in Asia or elsewhere. But here’s the key: Singapore, like North Korea, is run by a dynasty, the Lee family. Lee Kwan Yew operated Singapore as boss from after independence in 1965 until 1990.


Taming Our Savage Progenitors: POB II.3

Philippe would not be the last King of France to violate his marriage vows—so hard it was and is for the Church to enforce Christian marriage on the rich and powerful.   Nonetheless, the papacy had scored a major victory, and future kings would not be able to repudiate their wives and marry their mistresses  ad libitum—or ad libidinem.  Between Philippe’s marital woes and the first divorce of Henry VIII, the Christian ideal of marriage, while it might be circumvented by kings and emperors, could not be entirely disregarded.  


Wednesday’s Child: Letter from London

I was here for a single weekend, most of it spent outside London at a friend’s house in Hampshire – gin-and-tonics on the lawn, roast lamb on Sunday, a parade of wellington boots in the room adjoining the kitchen, in short, English country life at its most recognizable – but an evening in London did the devil’s work of adumbrating the shape of evil


Gregory La Cava–“The Best Mind in Hollywood”

Then, in 1936, comes My Man Godfrey, a romantic comedy of near-Shakespearean richness that turns around speculator-turned-bum-turned-butler Godfrey Parke. My touchstones of comparison are As You Like It, Measure for Measure, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, all of which resonate in this marvelous movie.


The Rise and Fall of Marriage in the Christian Age Properties of Blood, Part II, chapter 3  

In the Revolutionary regimes that emerged in the 19th century, in both Europe and North America, marriage and family have been enslaved and corrupted by government confiscation of their authority. By contrast, the breakdown of Roman order forced our barbarian ancestors to rely on family and kinship. However, the barbarians did their best to resist Christian morality.