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Resisting Evil, Part II

Christians have interpreted Christ’s injunction to turn the other cheek in different ways.  Over the centuries Catholic authorities have generally and consistently upheld the righteousness of self-defense, just war, and capital punishment, while the Orthodox have been more prone to view all war, just and necessary as they may be, as nonetheless sinful and requiring absolution.  When a Byzantine emperor asked his Patriarch to proclaim as martyrs all the soldiers who died fighting Islam, he was refused.  Neither Church, it goes without saying, instructed its followers not to resist the aggression of evil men….   The injunction to turn the...


The Man in the High Study, Conclusion

After taking the necessary step of holding journalists accountable for their lies and disinformation, the next step would be to join forces with other nations—the UK, the EU and Latin American countries, Canada, Russia, India—in holding China accountable for the results of  what was either an error followed by a cover-up or a germ warfare attack on the rest of the world.  (Th


Jerks, 0.A

From the Introduction: Russian-born Vitaly Borker is one of those immigrants who have enriched and diversified the culture of his adopted homeland.  After failing to complete his studies in law and law enforcement, thought he had found a new way of making money on the internet.  On his website, Borker marketed cheap knock-off sunglasses as the real thing and added insult to injury by providing the worst possible customer service.  As he anticipated, the tidal wave of negative comments boosted his site to Google’s front page.  When he thanked disgruntled users on Get Satisfaction for making him a success,...


Resisting Evil, Part I

An entire nation that adopted a policy of pacifism would soon become a nation of slaves.  Since the Christian religion has not yet become the exclusive preserve of fools, cowards, and idiots, it is strange how many people believe that Christ requires believers never to resist evil by force.


Bulldog and the Meaning of Life

When I selected the first Bulldog Drummond for our ongoing discussion of books, it was partly because it is the kind of old-fashioned adventure that people like to read in the summer, and partly the author’s understand of certain fundamental things of life might remind readers of the “world we have lost.”


Make My Day

If you are unwise enough to be on one or another social medium, you will have read something like this: “If you want to disagree with my futile ill-thought out and clumsily expressed opinion on X Y or Z, go ahead and make my day. I can’t wait to unfriend you”?  Do you ever wonder what is going on in someone’s mind, when he issues such a  taunt?   I automatically unfriend such people, even if I agree with their position. I no longer have to teach low-achieving American adolescents with exaggerated opinions of themselves.  I am speaking of the early...