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Comfortable Words, PS

FDR hardly had a a neuron in his brain that was not employed full time in pandering to his vanity and lust for power, and he inevitably chose yes men and second-raters of the Rex Tugwell type–just as Kennedy did–to be his collaborators.


Free Ghislaine Maxwell

The FBI’s arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell has been applauded nearly everywhere.  It is one thing on which the phony left and the phony right can agree.  Jeffrey Epstein was the devil, and Ms Maxwell was his madame.  


BLM Cries Foul!

BLM people are complaining that all sorts of radicals are trying to horn in on the action. According to Andy Vaught, crack investigative reporter for SNO….


Slavery and the Black Family

Here in America, white and black children often are taught to call a family friend aunty or uncle, while in the South some form of Maum/Mom was often used by polite white children to show respect for an elderly black woman.  Kindness and good manners are not racist


Whining the Time Away

I too get as disgusted with my Irish-American relatives for their whining as I am tired of every other race and ethnicity whining about its problems. I once met a Hungarian pastor who piously told me–this was in Zagreb–that although everyone else in the Balkans had beaten up on some other group, the Hungarians were entirely free of imperialism. He was counting on my ignorance of Balkan history.