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Book of the Month: From Tragedy to Fictional Hell

Since there are no questions or comments on Act I of The Revenger’s Tragedy, we can move on to October’s book:  Descent Into Hell by Charles Williams.  Williams, as I think everyone knows, was a friend of Tolkien and Lewis, and with them he helped both to vitalize Christian fiction and to lend respectability to supernatural tales.


Revenge of the Book Club

Some time ago, I abandoned the regular discussion of  selected books.  The reason should have been obvious.  The cause has disappeared, and we can resume.  Working on the second volume of Properties of Blood, I need to rewrite the chapters on revenge.  This is a good occasion for looking at the classic work of the English stage, The Avenger’s Tragedy….


Heads Up!

All those who have read or are reading The Reign of Love are invited to take part in a discussion, perhaps chapter by chapter……