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Islam, the Left’s Religion of Peace

Fox News commentators do not often make an intelligent criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy.  They are usually content to point out the obvious—that Obama is misguided—while offering alternatives that would hardly work any better. Nonetheless, the neoconservative establishment was right to express outrage in February,  when then-State Department spokesperson Marie Harf declared on Chris Matthews’ MSNBC program that defeating ISIS in the long-term will require addressing the “root causes” of terrorism, such as lack of jobs and poverty. This statement was palpably absurd, but it also reflected the consensus of the American and European ruling classes, a consensus that...


Latin, Episode 0: Latin’s Dead, so Why Study It?


In this origin episode of the podcast, Dr. Fleming discusses the importance of studying a dead language in general, why this particular “dead” language is so vitally important for those focused on the patrimony of the West, and provides some practical points and names some possible texts for study. Original Air Date: November 25, 2015 Show Run Time: 26 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Podcast Player – Click the Cloud to Download Episode   Transcript available now for Charter Subscribers and a la carte purchase. The Fleming Foundation Presents Latin℗ is a Production of the...


Properties of Blood II: Love and Hate, A

Love and Hate in the Cities of Man  Shall I tell you the little story of Right-Hand-Left-Hand—the tale of Good and Evil? …H-A-T-E…It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low!  L-O-V-E!… See these here fingers, dear friends!  These fingers has veins that lead straight through to the soul of man!  The right hand, friends! The hand of Love!  Now watch and I’ll show you the Story of Life.  The fingers of these hands, dear hearts! –They’re always a-tuggin’ and a-warrin’ one hand agin’ t’other. (He locks his fingers and writhes...


The Wonders of Wallington: Two

Back in 1834, while still in India, cousin Charles Trevelyan had married Hannah Moore Macaulay, sister of Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay, the great Whig historian of England and author of The Lays of Ancient Rome, who was then a member of the supreme council of India.  What a combination!  Their only son, who inherited his father’s baronetcy, was Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Bt. (1838–1928), in his day a major Liberal politician strongly in favor of reforming the House of Lords, of giving women the vote,  and—true to family principle—total abstinence.  He published the life and letters of his...


The Best Revenge, Episode 0: Introduction


“How to live well in a dying age” is an old theme for the founders of The Fleming Foundation, and in this podcast series, Dr. Fleming and his friends will be exploring a variety of ways of living creatively and escaping the melancholy that seems to afflict so many conservatives and reactionaries. This series will explore some of the minor arts of living, from wilderness cooking to writing poetry, making beer, and watching old movies. Nil desperandum. That is Latin for “Despair not!” Original Air Date: November 24, 2015 Show Run Time: 32 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show...


Season 0, Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 0: Government Will Not Save Us


In this origin episode of the podcast Dr. Fleming talks about the inexorable and necessary link between Christianity and classical culture: why the superstructure of the best of the pagan world often provided good foundations for Christian beliefs, teachings, and practices. Original Air Date: November 23, 2015 Show Run Time: 20 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Podcast Player – Click the Cloud to Download Episode   Transcript available now for Charter Subscribers and a la carte purchase. More Transcripts available here. Christianity and Classical Culture℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2015. All...


Cicero IV: An End and a Beginning

END OF CICERO Cicero played an ambiguous role in the final years of the republic.  He loyally supported Pompey in the vain hope that he would uphold the old order, but he also allowed himself to be courted by Caesar.   He was out of Rome, as governor of Cilicia, in the period leading up to the civil war, but he bravely refused an attractive invitation to join Caesar, but gradually faded out of the picture.  When the plot against Caesar was formed in 44, Cicero was not even invited to join: The conspirators did not trust him. He did...


The Wonders of Wallington: One

As the nations of the west slip into an amnesiac sink, knowing neither who they are, where they come from, or what their role in the maintenance of humane civilization is supposed to be, it is inevitable, I suppose, that one starts looking for the source of the intellectual virus that has so successfully turned what used to be western brain matter into pink sludge.  In a large general way one can call the disease liberalism, though the destruction we are now witnessing is the effect of the mutations of liberalism that we call socialism and progressivism. As we think...


From Under the Rubble, Episode 0: Introduction


Dr. Fleming explains the theme of the series, invoking the example of Russian dissidents who were not content to criticize specific policies of the USSR but zeroed in on the flawed principles on which the regime rested. The USA, which began as a constitutional republic, has tended more and more to accept the principles of the French Revolution. Even conservatives accept leftwing theories of equality and human rights as the cornerstone of their ideology. To resist the radicalization of America, we must debunk the false principles that justify the destruction of authentic American liberties. Original Air Date: November 20, 2015...


Greek Interview with Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming was recently interviewed (10 November) by Nikolaos Hidiroglou for the Greek newspaper Ελεύθερη Ώρα (Eleftheri Ora).  Is Donald Trump the man for the job in the White House for the Republicans? The “Grand Old Party” has been fielding impossible presidential candidates that have made Republicans a political joke:  Bob Dole, John McCain,  Mitt Romney.  Perhaps the worst was George W. Bush, who won two elections, squandered money and lives on a pointless and fruitless war in Iraq, and bankrupted his country.  How could Trump do any worse?   Trump’s great strength is his candor:  He openly talks of...